According to his Facebook profile, The Marcos Lightning (Marcos Harkness) knows English, French, and Spanish, which means he’s probably the kind of guy Rick Santorum would call a “snob”. He currently resides in Durham, NC where his sideburns work as Hugh Jackman’s stunt double in the Wolverine movies. He used his classical training on the piano and banjo as a launching point to learn real instruments, like the kazoo.

Marcos told me he wanted to film this music video somewhere nice, like his birthplace of Panama. I took him to an abandoned private school near the run down town of Port Deposit, MD. After filming, he beat me mercilessly with his mandolin.

  • Equipment Used: Canon 60D, Panasonic HDC-TM700, Canon and Tokina lenses.
  • Music: The Marcos Lightning - Custis
  • Location: Jacob Tome School for Boys