Rapids of the Upper Yough

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I recently posted a series of videos on the naming of the rapids along the Upper Yough, and a few of them stand out.

The first story I published was Charlie’s Choice, which is one of the most famous rapids on the East coast. The story of Charlie’s first run down the Upper Yough is unique, and it was the first video of the series where I had a specific vision in mind. I really wanted to capture the icy cold of winter in the Yough gorge, and a few trips hiking in with my camera gear brought me the shots I wanted.

The other video that stood out was Lost and Found, which was a rapid name that nobody really seemed to know where it came from. Everyone had assumed that its second name, Fuck Up Falls, referred to the hole just downstream. Turns out there were a series of incidents in the early 70’s that led to the second name, and Bobby Alexander’s story gives the rapid its more memorable name.

If you enjoyed these, you can find more of them on the History of the Upper Yough page.

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